Peugeot 208 | Peugeot 208 Price

Peugeot 208
In the spring of 2012, Peugeot will launch its new model in the 'B' (Supermini) segment. The Peugeot 208 will be available in two distinct body styles; 3- and 5-door.
Peugeot 208 Price
Today, when creating a vehicle capable of appealing to and uniting a wide variety of customers with ever changing expectations, simple renewal is no longer enough. Architectural re-generation
Peugeot 208
The Peugeot 208 embodies the principles of agility and efficiency. The initial technical choices make it a vehicle which is light (110kg lighter on average compared to the 207, and as much as -173kg! with a range which starts at 975kg), aerodynamic (Cd of 0.29, CdA of 0.61), and very compact (-7cm in length, -1cm in height).

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