Kia Soul Concept

Kia has Soul and is trying to sell it to the American car buyers. It is believed that this car was named "Soul" to represent the cars Korean origin and the combined efforts of both Korea and their North American counter parts in California. The 2008 Kia Soul combines tastes and design in an effort to bring new life to a concept car that truly does have a soul of its own.
Kia's new Soul concept car has a design that hopes to attract a younger, more active group of buyers. The interior of the Soul is cram packed with one awesome and fully customizable multimedia communications system. This design creates a panoramic sun/moon roof that adorns the Kia Soul's sloped roofline. This allows Kia Soul occupants to enjoy open-air driving while also taking advantage of panoramic views. In addition, the Soul's roof features adjustable roof racks integrated into the design. This design is intended to create an open, uninterrupted passenger cabin.

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