New 2011 BMW M3

New 2011 BMW M3


The car's outstanding performance is delivered by the powerful 4.0L V8 enginedelivering Changes related 309kW/420bhp from the citizens held in much higher from the acceleration response, so carried out with individual propulsion system. Thought itdelivers unusual Power, the 8 cylinder engine has been related designed specifically forthe 2011 BMW m3, it will make the fuel Also surprisingly. But this additional fuelefficiency it owed ​​To The Auto Start Stop switch to prevent unnecessary by exhaustionof the fuel When the engine it off When the Earl of Vehicle to a Halter. Wish When thedriver to drive, the engine he brought back to Life Without delay. It it one of the Very FirstModels to use this feature with an auto manual transmission system. All the variants ofthe Vehicle Will Also meet the vehicle emission norms EU5.

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