2011 Hyundai Tucson

2011 Hyundai Tucson
In a USA Today-belts nine SUV / crossover Comparison, the 2011 Hyundai Tucson ranked No. relaxing. 5. What does this sub-compact crossover have to Offer?

The Hyundai Tucson First arrived in the United States in 2005 and its relaxing styling similar to the Santa Fe Making with smoother lines. The MOST Recent Tucson is one of The First Hyundai to Use the automaker's' sculptured Fluidic "Design Philosophy.

Two four-cylinder Engines are Available and Include of a 2.0-liter 164 hp and 146 Pearsanra FT. lbs. of torque and a 2.4-liter Making 176 hp and 168 ft. lbs. of torque. The Transmission Choices Include a five-speed Manual or a six-speed automatic. The ;span title="Klik untuk terjemahan alternatif" class="hps">automatic
shifts smoothly Very good and it does its job of ITS Keeping the engine in the powerband. The 2.0-liter engine moves the Tucson from 0-60 in 9.5 seconds and the 2.4-liter unit does 0-60 in 8.8 seconds. The Four-Wheel disc brakes stop the Tucson from 60 mph in 120 feet.

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