New 2011 BMW 550i

New 2011 BMW 550i
The BMW 5 Series ice into a Comparable position. The long-established benchmarkmid-size hobby then finds Itself Inside a constant battle with rival attempting to push itaside in an effort to capture ITS Territory. Instead of resting on ITS Laurel, BMWre-engineers the four-door once just about everythin eight years to Conform to a changing and ever crowding segmentation.

Introduced EARLIER this year, the all-new 2011 BMW 6 String breaks new ground. Nowsharing platforms Together With The 7 Set, the then looks to Have changed ITS tunefrom sports to luxury. We spent a week with all the range-topping 550i, Fitted with all theautomaker's twin-turbo 400-horsepower V8, to put our finger on ITS new mission.

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