Chevrolet Aveo Sedan

A road-gripping ride

The new Chevrolet Aveo's sporty driving experience is a key feature that contributes to the car's appeal. It consists of an exceptionally rigid body-frame-integral structure, with the upper body and the frame engineered as a single unit, ensuring a more mass-efficient and stiffer structure. Advanced steels used on the new Aveo have considerably greater tensile strength, which improves passenger safety.

A McPherson strut front suspension with coil springs and stabilizer bar, and a torsion beam axle-mount compound link-type rear suspension, deliver a tempered, stable ride. The vehicle's outstanding feedback to the driver is enhanced by electronic stability control (ESC) and a column-mounted electric power steering system (EPS), which is available on models equipped with the 1.2 liter gasoline or 1.3 liter turbo-diesel engines. This sophisticated support system includes a wear compensator to guarantee consistently precise steering as the vehicle ages.

Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Aveo's tight body-frame-integral structure is also key to the vehicle's advanced safety performance. In the event of an accident, the roof will be able to carry 4.2 times the car's weight. A carefully tuned set of sensors is wired to six airbags that are standard in Europe, along with a four-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with brake assist. In addition, the driver can activate cruise control with speed limiter function. Once the set maximum speed is reached, the system triggers an audible alarm.

The Chevrolet Aveo also offers a quiet, relaxed driving experience. Refined noise control measures have, in some instances, resulted in a damping performance that is 10 to 40 percent greater than previously applied materials and techniques.

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