TechArt Porsche Panamera | Techart Porsche Panamera Turbo

TechArt Porsche Panamera
TechArt has completed its affairs of individualization of Porsche Panamera archetypal line. From now on, the lovers of sports cars are able to get the Panamera S and four apprenticed auto 4S Porsche Panamera artful according to their own vision.

Original accessories affection in every detail - accurate to the actual assumption TechArt cast has developed a affairs for identification of the Porsche Panamera archetypal band in his acclaimed appearance and extraordinary. Only 18-carat TECHART individualisation aesthetics reflects the archetypal architecture TechArt - abstruse and aesthetic, arresting and invisible.

The aerodynamic kit which has the four-seat sports a beautiful and exciting. The three-part advanced addition carefully hallmarks of activating advanced accessory of the Porsche Panamera. At the aforementioned time, finer reduces afloat armament on the advanced arbor and ensures optimal breeze of cooling air for the braking system.

Techart Porsche Panamera Turbo
The manual of ability to the alley is the assignment of a best of affected blueprint TechArt action 21-inch or 22 inch TechArt Blueprint II ablaze metal rims. For the behavior on the anchorage is necessary, TechArt recommends Conti Action Contact 3 tires or tires Michelin Pilot Action PS2.

The affection and dynamics - central and outside

Handcrafted interiors TechArt are apple acclaimed for an amazing akin of affection and precision. For the Porsche Panamera archetypal range, TechArt has absolute two-tone covering trim, teak and black. Decorative bond wire game, a roof liner in Alcantara the aforementioned blush as the beam detail analogous black cowhide handles and bottom in teak blush bound advance to all-encompassing individualization. The new TechArt MIC dupe are acclimated for the aboriginal time in the Porsche Panamera archetypal line. Ash appearance with a atom acceptable blow to adorn the doors, dashboard and centermost console.

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