Top Two Aston Martin Automobiles

Top Two Aston Martin Automobiles
The car doesn't really fit the company's vision for high end luxury performance cars, but while emissions standards are increased across the world this little car will help the company The reason why we chose this car is because this is the car that will keep the Aston's that we know today alive. The Cygnet is a small two car that was built to be an efficient yet fun car to drive. Our next favorite car is the Aston Martin Cygnet. With a more track minded attitude Aston has equipped the car with a massive 6 liter V12 engine which produces 510 horsepower.

The company states that the DBS was made to "bridge the gap between road and track", so it's safe to say that this is the company's most aggressive cars as far as looks and performance goes. Like all Aston's the DBS is beautifully elegant, but contains some aggressive features not normal seen on these cars. The Aston Martin BBS is the most recent Aston Martin to be featured in a James Bond film and for good reason too. We have taken a look at the company's lineup and picked what we think are the manufacturer's best models.

The company used to only carry a few models, but now the auto manufacturer has begun to expand its lineup and has made some great additions. Aston Martin cars have appeared in famous James Bond movies for decades now. Aston Martin is known for producing some of the most luxurious, elegant, and fastest sports cars available on the market today.

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